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Also known as fat grafting, this is a procedure where fat is transferred from one part of the body to another. The process allows fat to be removed from areas where it is in excess and transplanted to areas where it is too little. For example, the fat can be removed from your thighs and transplanted into your face, buttocks or breasts. This is done so as to create better curves and contours on the body. This procedure has long lasting, permanent results. Many people sing its praises since it is safe and the results look natural. Thousands go through fat transfer surgery annually with positive reviews about it. There are many instances where fat transfer surgery is the best option.

If you have areas in your face that are sunken or have creases, then this procedure can help to even out your face and give it a natural, healthy look. Moreover, fat transplant surgery is the answer if you want to contour your body and want permanent results. If you have depressions in your body, get rid of sunken scars or create a better body contour, then fat transplant surgery is the best option for you. Many women who have small breasts want to increase their size and improve their shape. Fat transplant surgery can help these women to fill up their breasts, give them a desirable shape and increase their perkiness too.

How fat injection surgery works

The primary reasons for getting this surgery is to improve the shape and attractiveness of the desired body parts or provide enlargement of things like the buttocks or breasts. The procedure uses your own fat to fill in the areas which lack volume. Most common areas targeted by fat transfer procedures include the lips, breasts, face, buttocks, hands and other areas that have depressions in the skin. This fat is injected into these regions of the body in such a way that it improves the look and feel to the desired result. This fat is removed from donor sites, which are parts of your body where you have fat in excess. For this procedure to achieve your desired result, you cannot have any health problems regarding circulation. Let's cover some specific aspects of Houston fat transfer surgery:

Transferring Fat To Buttocks

Fat transplants are very effective in giving the buttocks a firmer, fuller shape. Also known as the 'Brazilian Butt Lift’, this is a procedure where fat is inserted into the buttocks to give them a round, even, shape. This buttock augmentation procedure is safe, natural and allows you to have a bigger, firmer butt without using any implants. To make the effect of having a round butt, liposuction is done around the buttocks. This gives them a rounder look. Moreover, the fat that is sucked out using liposuction can then be used to augment the buttocks. This form of body sculpting is popular because it is very successful and the results look natural and attractive.

Transferring Fat To Breasts

If you have small breasts that lack volume, then the fat transplant procedure can be very beneficial to you. However, you should have a good skin tone on your breasts. They should also have a nice shape to begin with. This breast augmentation procedure is most beneficial if you have healthy skin on your breasts and they are not sagging. If you don’t fulfill these qualifications, then you should seek another method of augmenting your breasts for example implants.

Breast implants are one of the most effective ways to dramatically increase the size of your breasts. They are available in various sizes to achieve various breast sizes. They also last for a long time. They can be implemented alongside fat transfer to achieve the perfect size and shape of breasts. Sometimes, the breasts can have little irregular parts on them after the surgery. These irregular areas can be filled in with fat. This makes the implants look more natural, shapely and attractive. As such, fat transplant surgery is a versatile solution in the field of breast augmentation.

Facial fat grafting

Over time, the face can develop unattractive features. Examples of these features are smile and laugh lines. Other examples are crow’s feet and wrinkles. They are caused by loss of volume under the skin. Thus, it shrinks and creases up. This can easily be corrected using facial fat grafting. This is a procedure. Fat can be removed from donor sites on the body that have too much of it. Then, this fat can be inserted into the face to even out these creases. This procedure can also correct and eliminate the effects of acne scars, sunken areas on the lips, cheeks and face. Moreover, the fat can be inserted into the areas between your nose and mouth to fill out any lines that could have developed. If you have indentations and sunken scars, facial fat grafting will correct these problems and help you achieve a perfect face. Wrinkles often appear on the forehead. Thus, you can use this procedure to get rid of the wrinkles. As a result, your face will be smooth and even from top to bottom. There are many benefits of fat transplant surgery.

The benefits that you can enjoy

Fat transplant surgery makes use of natural materials to augment the features of the body. It is safe and long lasting. It can also be applied in various parts of the body successfully. When applied in the face, it provides a safe and allergy free cosmetic treatment method.

You do not need to undergo any tests to see if the procedure is ideal for you. Unlike collagen injections that require you to be tested for compatibility, fat transfer is guaranteed to work for you. The fat is derived from a part of your own body. As such, the body will accept it and the results will definitely be positive.

Fat transplant surgery gives you results that are observable for life. Statistically, 65% of the fat that is inserted into the body using this procedure is absorbed into the body while 35% will stay in place forever. This is a very high rate of retention. Cosmetic surgeons advise that you go for multiple fat transfer sessions so as to experience the full effects of the procedure. It is a long lasting and healthy way to look beautiful.