Fat Transfer Surgery Birmingham

What Is Birmingham Fat Transfer Surgery?

Transfering fat from one part of the body to another helps to shift the balance of having excess fat in certain areas to others that are lacking in volume. It is a safe and natural way to get the body contours you may desire. Popular procedures involving fat transfer surgery include breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, hip widening, facial fat grafting, and others.

Breast augmentation is a popular choice for this surgery here in Birmingham as opposed to silicone inserts because it provides a more natural appearance and feel. It essentially uses your own fat from places where you no longer want this excess fat and transplants an amount you specify inside your breasts.

Similarly, buttock augmentation takes advantage of this same fat grafting process. Some procedures involve using both silicon inserts and fat grafting for a more voluminous yet lifted look (see the video below).

Are you a good candidate for this procedure?

The main purpose of fat transplantation is to transfer your own fat to areas that are deficient in volume from areas that are in excess. Some of the grafted, or injected, regions of the body are the face, lips, hands, breasts, and buttocks. It is also common to have fat grafted to skip depressions as a result of liposuction. It is important to understand you need to have donor sites where excess fat can be utilized. You should also not have any circulation problems.

Facial fat grafting: Should you have creases in areas of your face, such as crow’s feet, laugh lines, and smile lines, fat can be transferred from your thighs, abdomen, or other areas and then injected into those specific facial features. Sunken areas of the fact or acne scars, lips, and cheeks can also be augmented for a more volumous look. Our Birmingham plastic surgeons are even able to use grafted fat to shrink lines that lie between your mouth and nose, rectify depressions in the skin or indentations and reduce things like forehead wrinkles.

Natural breast enlargement: If you would like a modest increase in your cup size without getting silicone implants, you are likely a good candidate for breast augmentation through fat grafting, but the breasts should already be of a nice shape and have good skin tone. In the case that you may have sagging breasts, poor skin, or would prefer a larger increase in cup size, breast augmentation may not be right for you.

Fat grafting and breast implants: If your breasts require natural filler (fat) during a breast implant surgery, it can provide the ideal solution. If your breasts do not have the desired shape or have irregularities in size, breast augmentation can be used to supplement the silicone implant procedure.

Fat transfer breast reconstruction: If you have suffered from breast cancer or breast defects following lumpectomy, transplanting fat is an excellent medical procedure for safely filling in these deficient areas. This type of reconstruction surgery is also a great option here in Birmingham for complete reconstruction of the breast following a mastectomy. Nevertheless, to achieve adequate volume of the breasts, this is generally a process involving multiple stages and necessitates a minimum of two to four fat grafting sequences.

Buttock augmentation: Candidates who would like a more rounded and fuller buttock will generally choose what is known as a “Brazilian butt lift”. This procedure is designed to enable a more curvaceous butt and hip region without the need for artificial implants. Commonly, liposuction is done to sculpt the surrounding areas and take the autologous fat that is to be injected into the right regions of the buttock.

Fat grafting hand rejeuvination: Grafting fat into the hands is a procedure carried out for plumping up wrinkled regions, adding volume, covering up underlying tendons and blood vessels and enhancing the overall look and feel of your skin over a short period of time.